Guest House

Let’s talk about my guest house:

1) The 71-year-old cleaning manager, whom lives here, seems like just a lonely old man (can’t hate him for that).  But because I’ve been an willing ear to listen to him it seems that I’m sought out for just that.  I guess it wouldn’t be a problem if he talked about other things than THE TRASH!

He’s the cleaning manager and here in Japan they have really strict rules about dividing out the plastics, burnable trash, non-burnable trash, plastic bottles, cans, raw food etc.  Well, because we are in a guest house obviously there are going to be tenants that don’t follow the rules as they should.  So it’s up to him to sort of “pick up after them.”  He, of course, does not like this and is constantly repeating, “People think there is a service here. This is not a hotel.  etc, etc.”

So every time he “catches” me, he goes on and on about the trash (anyone that knows a 70 year old can probably agree that they tend to ramble….).  The other night I was trying to watch a program about kanji (the Chinese written characters that Japanese uses) and I was eating and he comes in talking about pulling the hair out of the shower drain!  For like 45 minutes!  GROSS DUDE!  No wonder no one hangs out in the living room…. ugh.  But saying all this I feel bad too.  The next day he apologized and then brought me some fake flowers that he thought I might like to decorate the living room with (ikebana [flower arrangement]  style) as he said I seem to want to make the place nicer.  Oh well.  I guess I don’t mind being his lone listener, if he really is lonely.

2) Shoe Location.  As anyone knows, in a Japanese household you have to take off your shoes.  Well, at the guest house I live on the top floor so I can enter on either the first or second floor.  Therefore I’m constantly losing the location of my shoes.

It’s like this throughout the day:  I leave my slippers at the second floor entrance, come back later and enter through the first floor (no slippers cause they are upstairs), get my other slippers from the room and leave again through the first floor (now one pair of slippers at each entrance), come back to the second floor entrance (leave my shoes at the door, get slippers), leave the room with different shoes (in hand) and leave through the first floor (two slippers), come back through the first floor (take a slipper, leave the shoes) and then back to my room… now I want a certain pair of shoes and I have no idea whether they are on the first floor or second… oh brother. 😦

When it comes to shoes I am not very good at it… left the school the other day in my “indoor” shoes and didn’t notice until about 75% into the ride home.  Oops.  Practice makes perfect I suppose!

3) George and Lenny.  Ok, so the two guys that I talk to most in my guest house remind me soooooo much of George and Lenny from Of Mice and Men.  They are super good friends and are always hanging out.  “George” knows so much.  Is full of information and always looking after “Lenny.”  “Lenny” is older, only works part-time and is always waiting for “George” to get home.  At times he seems a little slow but I think it’s more that he’s just super nerdy.  They crack me up.  Although considering the ending to that book, perhaps I should be cautious…

4) The Korean guy gave me a Lilo and Stitch Mug for my birthday… he said he thought it was American-poi (aka reminded him of America).  Haha.  But I really needed a mug!  Yes!  Now just to buy a coffee machine…

Enough about the guest house.


Went to the Yasumasa Trio show the night before last.  Good good stuff.  Wish we could have hung out a bit with the band but my friend seemed to want to go.  Of course, I had work the next morning so it was ok.  But you know me, I never want to willingly leave a good hang!

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