Silver Week and more

Here I am on the cusp of five days off in a row!  This is great!

Monday and Wednesday are holidays in Japan.  From what I understand, Monday is respect to the Elderly Day and Wednesday is welcoming the fall season or something… in any case because of the celebration of these two holidays many companies take Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off and call it Silver Week.  This is similar to Golden Week, which is the first week in May, when all shops, companies and industries in Japan shut down so people can have some resemblance of relaxation.  Not sure why but Silver Week is only celebrated every once in awhile whereas Golden Week is an annual event.  Rumor has it that it won’t happen again until 2015, so I’m one lucky girl!

UPDATE: Here’s a bit more about Silver Week, click.

I’m thinking of getting the 70 year old manager a little present for Monday.  Despite his incessant ramblings and zen-attitude (he’s a buddhist) towards cockroaches (“I’m so much bigger than them, why would I want to kill them?”), he’s a good guy.


Anyway, a couple weeks back I went on a drive with George and Lenny (see previous post).

Can you guess who is George and who is Lenny?

Here, in Japan, people rent cars on their days off and drive around the city as a hobby… very strange.  I’d rather drive out of the city (which we did a bit but most was spent looking at political buildings… boring).

Monjayaki Village

During this little excursion though we went to Monjayaki village.

Monjayaki is similar to Okonomiyaki (one of my favorite types of Japanese food) but it’s more liquidy so a lot of Japanese people don’t like to eat it as they think it looks like throw-up (nice visual, I know).

Once again, in true Lenny fashion, it was his first time to try Monjayaki so George showed us how to do it.   It was good but like the Osaka girl I am, I much prefer Okonomiyaki.

Lesson Learned


Last weekend, my guest house mates also threw a second little birthday party for me.

Birthday Cake #2!

We had a yakiniku party (yaki means cook or burn which is why all this food has “yaki” in it, niku means meat).    It was nice to have everyone gather again as it doesn’t happen much.

l.r. Japanese, Japanese, Korean, Japanese, French, German 🙂
Yum. Oishii!
Guy on the left is Japanese but grew up in Paraguay
Stop with the bunny ears already…

I really do like people. (^-^)


Yay! How ironic that you have to buy them in a pair.

Did I mention that I found Bartlett pears? Awesome.

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5 thoughts on “Silver Week and more

  1. I’m the same, can do monjyayaki but still always go back to the okonomiyaki (despite always piling loads of cheese and curry spice on it to gaijin it up a bit).
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to reading yours!

  2. bemyduende on said:

    Corinne- Thanks so much for the comment! Your blog has always been a good laugh for me! Quite the comedian you are! And your son is darling too!

  3. Raymasaki on said:

    Great photos
    I like the Monjayaki village to
    I wouldnt mind trying that monjya stuff either

  4. Bartlett pears? In pairs? Hahaha, good one!

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