3 for 30

Well… Here I am on the last day of my five day weekend.  So sad.  But I suppose I’ll have another weekend in just two days so it’s fine. 😉

Yesterday, George and I cycled out to Tama Lake.  It’s about an hour ride on the bike path that leads from a park near me straight to the lake.  Sounds pleasant, right?  NO.

Well, it was sort of pleasant but there were many things that happened that made the entire trip sort of lame.

Here’s the bike path

Tamako Bike Path
Tamako Bike Path

It has quite a few quaint cafes off to the side such as this one.

Tamako Bike Path Cafe
Tamako Bike Path Cafe

But here lies the problem, it has a billion of these…

Bike Barriers on the Bike Path?
Bike Barriers on the Bike Path?

Combine this with the fact that it was a holiday (aka many people out) means that this wasn’t a pleasant bike ride but rather an obstacle course (Biking in the City 101).  And I must have failed because… I got a flat about 3/4 of the way there!  GRR!  Luckily, George is Japanese and can find a bike shop and get it fixed.  The bike guy said it was because I hit a curb too hard but I wouldn’t have if I could stay on the “bike path!”  (^~^)

Anyway, we finally made it to the lake which is surrounded by a fence.  Awesome (missing Colorado, right about NOW).

So then George decides he doesn’t want to go back the same way and finds a route on his phone navigator to go home.  Everything is fine until he needs to check the route again and while he’s checking (and riding his bike) he crashes into a utility pole!  WHAT!?  Thankfully, he and the bike were okay but pretty much the rest of the trip was in silence and we were both happy to get home.

After a shower and rest, I ventured out to Shibuya to see a friend that I haven’t seen for three years!  I have to admit I hate (can’t stand, despise, etc) when the trains are packed in Tokyo (they weren’t, whew) but I kind of LIKE being on the street with so many people.  Even though most people are just communting from work, or meeting other people, or just standing around, it has so much energy.  Kind of like a festival or party.  It’s pretty fun.  I was quite early to meet my friend so I hung around the Hachiko entrance of the subway which is a famous spot in Tokyo… perhaps you have seen it.

After meeting up, we went to the restaurant that we went to three years ago.  Teppen!  I love this place.  It’s SOOOO much fun and chock full of cute boys.  It actually has the girl version across the street for the boys…er, men.  I tried to find a good video to explain the (good) craziness of this place but I couldn’t find one to do it justice.  They welcome new customers in by all stopping and turning towards the door and saying, “Welcome!” and same goes for customers leaving.  They all turn to you and say “thank you” if they hear you say it is oishii (delicious).  Lots of group shouting.

This gives you a good idea of the energy of the waitstaff

This gives you a good idea of the energy of the waitstaff

And of course they do really fun birthday things (passing out tamborines, singing, turning out the lights, dancing, etc) which brings me to my number 3, my third birthday celebration!

Thats an unfortunate angle.

That's an unfortunate angle.

To my surprise I was included in one of the birthdays last night!  Yee!  3 for 30 makes sense to me!  There’s nothing quite like a bunch of cute smiling men to celebrate my 30th birthday for the last time… I think. 😉

Happy People

Happy People

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6 thoughts on “3 for 30

  1. 3 birthday celebrations! You are a lucky girl… alas I only got one and I had to work on my birthday. Guess I should have been in Japan for my 30th too 😦

  2. Don’t forget New Hampshire, which started the whole birthday celebration!

  3. Wow, sounds like an exciting bike ride! I am sure it would of been nicer if it hadn`t been so crowded due to the holiday. I am confused though- what is flowering in the first picture? Looks like sakura or ume but it is way to early- did you get the photo from somewhere else or is there something blooming out in West Tokyo that I do not know about…

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog- I thought I would come over here and answer some of your questions.

    Yes I did used to work at an international preschool in Kichijoji- it has closed down now though but it was around for about 8 years I think and I taught there for almost 18 months before I went back to Autralia for the year. I miss working there, it was a great school.

    I was the head preschool teacher there so I did have to do a lot of lesson plans that used crafts as we did one craft a day plus usually tried to have a morning craft of some kind that children could do if they wanted to when they had free play (lot simpler though then, usually clay or painting with fingers or straw blowing art) – I used the net ALOT for ideas. Does your school work on a theme based curriculum? If so then I used to type in “rainforest animal crafts” or “transportation crafts for preschool” and go from there- sometimes due to their age it had to be altered but I found the internet was a great resource.

    My favourite sites were

    But googling with a theme in mind is often the best way to go. If you are not using a theme based curriculum then you can kind of go for anything- home schooling sites often have some great rainy day craft options as well.

    You also asked about where Shun gets his hair straightened? He goes to a place in Shinjuku called “Posh” which is near the East Exit. I think you could find a place in West Tokyo just as easy though…

    Feel free to come by and “ramble”, as you put it, on my blog anytime since I have just come and rambled on yours!

    • bemyduende on said:

      Yeah… that picture was just one I took from the internet… actually none of those pictures from the bike path are mine as I forgot my camera. I tried to put that they weren’t mine in the caption but for some reason it wasn’t saving it so I just left it. oops.

      Thanks for all your advice. I’ll definitely look into those sites. I guess it’s hard now because I still don’t know the levels very well of my children. Also I haven’t made a craft myself in so long that I don’t know what I can teach either! HA!

      Anyhoo, I’m sure I’ll come and ramble back on your blog one of these days soon. 🙂

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