Festivals and Kamakura

Festivals are truly the spice of life.  Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to two different festivals (India Festival near Yoyogi Park and the International Friendship Festival in Inokashira Park).  Enjoying the whole weekend in lovely parks surrounded by happy people is by far the greatest feeling on earth.  Love it.  No pictures though but had a wonderful time with friends and food. 😉

This weekend was not far behind in goodness as I got to spend a nice day with a friend from my graduate school who is here on a business trip (but she left today 😦 ).  On Saturday, despite the rain, we headed out to Kamakura.

Kamakura Restaurant

I suppose it’s the closest thing we can get to Kyoto/Nara in the Kanto region.  I love old town/ small town Japan.  If they weren’t filled with so many tourists, I would probably opt to live in one of these towns instead of the big cities.  The rain only lasted long enough for us to buy rainboots and then it pretty much stopped.


Saw some shrines and temples and of course, the big Buddha.  I’m assuming I’ll be going there with friends/family if/when they come and visit so I wasn’t in a hurry to see everything but we did see Engakuji temple.  It really was a lovely time.  Next time I’d like to sit at the seaside for a bit though.  I love staring off into the vast expanse of water and feeling the breeze off the sea.  It’s so nice.

I’ll post some pictures from the Kamakura trip but first I want to say…



Things are pretty much the same here on the home front. I read a lot of blogs of people who complain about not having English speaking friends but man oh man, I would kill (not really) for some ONLY Japanese speaking friends.  It’s so hard to learn Japanese in these big cities…

Sake Barrels

Cowboys… I mean Shrine Staff hard at work.

Big Buddha

First attempt at taking own picture with buddha… FAIL

Success! Kind of.

Until we meet again, eat well Buddha

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