A Blast from the Past

First of all, I’d like to say, “Rain, rain go away.  Come again another day… cause I don’t know how to ride a bike with an umbrella (and it’s illegal.).”

That’s all for that.  🙂

Second of all, I’d like to say the weirdest things happen in the most unlikely places.

The other day I was shopping in a used clothing store in Kichijoji for some more winter clothes and my friend brings over a sweater and says, “what about this one?”  Not entirely sure why he thought this fit my style now, but he did so I turn around and almost had a heartattack.


Because he brought the exact sweater I was obsessed with in elementary school (21 years ago!).  Actually, more accurately, I was obsessed with scottie dogs and for three school yearbook pictures in a row I wore a different scottie dog sweater!  Even funnier is that I hate those dogs now… well, hate is a strong word but they are too prissy for me now.

Anyway, I thought of buying the sweater (it actually wouldn’t be that bad and could maybe be made cool) except that it had weird, bulky, broad shoulders.  So I opted for the photo instead.  My mom, however, thinks I should buy it so when I have my own daughter, we can wear mother-daughter outfits.  Haha.  Hilarious.  Hilariously awesome.

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4 thoughts on “A Blast from the Past

  1. Love it! And love that you found the sweater again in Japan!

  2. Sarah (pretesbian) on said:

    Mario Hilario!!!!!!

  3. Ha, that’s cute!

  4. cosmic friend!!!
    The photos really proved it too. Very cool!!!

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