Live Jazz

Last weekend I went to my friend’s gig, technically it was a “just friends and family gig” as the cafe that it was at was closed, but it was fun nonetheless.  Love live jazz no matter what the circumstance.  Definitely want to keep going to more and more!

Here’s the details from the gig:


Cocode Community Cafe・ココデーカフェ


Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Ryota Hara

トランペット・・フリューゲルホルン: 原良太

Guitar: Ikura Yamada

ギター: 山田生

Bass: Hirokazu Yokoyama


I’m looking forward to this event too!

Jazz in Antiques 7th @ Etorunetoru

charge:2,000yen (+ 1drink)

Violin 森川拓哉
Accordion 大塚雄一

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the Cocode gig

For more pictures, go here.

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5 thoughts on “Live Jazz

  1. I checked your photos out!! They are so good. Yeah there were a lot of my friend include you so I was very happy.

    Can I use your photos as my profile photos?

    • bemyduende on said:

      what profile? facebook? or website? yeah, you can use anything. I love the one where you are scratching your head! haha!

  2. Hi,

    I live in New Zealand and Ikuru Yamada stayed with us for a year, I was his host brother, would love to make contact with him, do you have an email, or could you pass mine onto him please.


    • bemyduende on said:

      Hi Wayne – I sent an email to Ikuru and gave him your email. I`ll let you know if he connects me.

      • bemyduende on said:

        Hi Wayne-

        I received a message from Ikuru. He is doing great, still playing guitar and actually doing it for his living. He`s seems busy but I gave him your email and he will contact you when he has the time.

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