Music Therapy

Yay for music.

I admit the last couple of weeks at work have started to catch up with me and stress me out considerably.  Of course I want to be the best teacher I can be but that means a sizable amount of at-home preparation is needed.  Okay.  So I can be a bit lazy (^-^) but I know that is not the only reason that it seems to be too much at-home work.  I think the reason being is that I have too many interests and I always seem to want to be doing something else whether it be learning Japanese,  listening to music, reading, “bonding” (aka hanging out) with friends, talking to family, emailing, sleeping, eating… there’s just not enough time for it all and that’s about the only thing that really stresses me out in life.  Time.

I had a discussion with my friend where he suggested I just pick one thing to devote my time to and not worry about the other things (that way I could become skilled at that one thing).  But truthfully, I think my essence lies in my love of adventure and curiosity… I may always well be mediocre at everything I do but I wouldn’t change a thing.

But that is all besides the point, the point is I was stressed and now I’m not.  Why you ask?  Because I went to live music, that’s why.  It’s like drinking a healing potion for me.  I walked in with the weight of the world on my shoulders but walked out light as a feather.

It’s the best therapy.

Here’s the concert I attended:

Jazz in Antiques 7th @ エトルネトル

Violin 森川拓哉 (Takuya Morikawa)
Accordion 大塚雄一 (Yuichi Ohtsuka)

And here’s the one you should attend (Unfortunately I have to move so I won’t be able to attend):


charge:2,000 yen (+1drink)

Violin 森川拓哉 (Takuya Morikawa)
Guitar 愛川聡 (Satoshi Aikawa)

Enjoy my favorite pictures from the gig:

The Duo
It was a bright beautiful Sunday afternoon

The Last Note of the Song
He had a nice purple scarf

My favorite picture from the day

Many more pictures, here.

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5 thoughts on “Music Therapy

  1. Awesome Devy, i will tell you though, you are definitely NOT a mediocre friend! Love you!

  2. Listen to your blog… Music is what heals you, what makes you tick… Focus on what it is you want to do with music and set your sights on that. Then all the other adventures become pleasant diversions on your path to that goal…

    I think that has always been the way you work. N’est-ce pas?

  3. bemyduende on said:

    Thank mom! You will always be my number one supporting and that’s enough for me! Love you.

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