Scarfs. love em.

A bit of catching up to do.  The last two weekends I went to see my friend from Chicago play at two separate locations with two different bands.  The first live was at the Organ Jazz Club and the players were:

Organ: Hal Tsuchida (土田晴信)

Guitar: Satoshi Yoshida(吉田サトシ)

Drums: Daisuke Kurata (倉田大輔)

This was a really fun night.  It was my friend’s (not the musician) birthday and the band played really well including one of the most beautiful renditions of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” that I’ve ever heard.  It was nice to see my friend from Chicago again too after such a long time.  And the drummer looked like what you would imagine the Japanese version of James Dean to look like.

The next week I saw Hal play at Giee. I was looking forward to this gig because the drummer has a reputation as being good whereas most of the time I’ve never heard of the musicians. He didn’t disappoint either. I’ll be sure to check him out more which won’t be hard seeing as though it seems he has a gig almost nightly. This live was:

Organ: Hal Tsuchida (土田晴信)

Guitar: Yuji Ota (太田雄二)

Drums: Kazuaki Yokoyama (和明横山)


So that was my last two Fridays.  This Saturday was my preschool’s Christmas show.  It went off swimmingly.  Most of the toddlers didn’t cry which was nice.  One specific toddler would almost start to cry but then I would pick him up and he would stop… aw, i love two-year-olds.  They’re my favorite.  All the children did very good in the performances though.  I was a proud teacher.

Today I decided to take an impromptu trip out to Kawagoe.  I read about this little town in a New York Times article and have wanted to try and make it out there.  Today was such nice weather that I decided today was the day.  I didn’t really follow what the article recommended (no printer and mendokusai for writing it all down) so I just winged it.

This is what I found:

Old Buildings

BIG TIME clothing store– bought a nice, soft scarf (even though I have about a million) hence the title of this post.

Cafe Colorado – All I have to say is I was so happy!  Naturally I ate lunch there.  Talked with the owner, really nice. Traded names/business cards and will be back! His wife (or who I assume is his wife) also was really cute and smiley and spoke really close to my face… haha.

Cute Vending Machines

Yakitori Obaasan (old woman)

Bell Tower

Kawagoe was very cute.  Lots of cute shops, cheap clothing stores (got a sweater for approx. 7 dollars!), and quaint coffee shops.  I’ll definitely be going back in the future.  For just a few more photos, click this.

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10 thoughts on “Scarfs. love em.

  1. Love the photo of the bell tower and the lamps! (Shall I add Kawagoe to the list…?)

  2. Alison on said:

    Yay! Cafe Colorado. Awesome. That looks like a fun day out!

    • bemyduende on said:

      Yeah, Kawagoe is kind of famous for their eel so I planned to eat that for lunch but when I saw that all other plans were cancelled! The guy was really nice and interested in where I was from. He spent some time in Colorado Springs 20 years and has loved it ever since! Yay Colorado love!

  3. The Bell Tower’s my favorite. I’m a sucker for a good silhouetted-sunset picture.

  4. Cafe Colorado promises good karma.

  5. I LOVE the old building! It looks indigo. Is that how it looked to the eye? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a building of that color. Nice post! I love scarves, too. You can’t have enough!

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