Recent Happenings

One thing I love about Japan is the food parties that they love to have with all their friends.   With winter upon us, nabe parties are the current popular dish.  After moving to my new guest house I think we have had three nabe parties.  Good stuff.  (Sorry the pictures are so yellow in the beginning).



Last week I went ice skating with some friends.  That was fun.  All the little girls princesses were really good and zooming around and doing twirls around us.  I`ll have to update this post later with some tiny cell phone pictures of that as well…

Yesterday I headed back out to Kamakura.  I went with my friend to take pictures (he’s a really good photographer).  The first place we went was to a temple I’ve been before, the Hachimangu temple (apparently Kamakura’s most important shrine to the Shinto religion).  What I like about temples are reading the prayer tablets that visitors to the shrine write.  They always promise a variety of emotions from true serenity to realistic problems to a good laugh.  This time wasn’t any different.

Temples are also a good opportunity to get your fortune (especially if they offer it in English).  But I have to admit that I’ve seen so many temples now that most of them don’t really impress me unless they have some special characteristic.  This one, for me, doesn’t really.

Next we headed to a really nice place.  I really liked it and had no idea it was there or that we were going so I was really happy that we went.  It’s a shrine in the side of a mountain (kind of a hike up there).  It’s called Zeniarai Benten.  It was built because the founder of the local government had a dream that he should build it to bring peace to the country.  The interesting thing about this shrine is that it is said that if you wash your money in the in the shrine’s spring, your money will double.  So I did just that… now I’m just waiting. 🙂

Oh I forgot… before we headed to Zeniarai we went to the seaside.  SOOOOOOO NICE.   I think it’s just because I’m from a landlocked state that anytime I can sit and look out into the ocean I feel like I’m on vacation.  Of course, I am on vacation… but considering this is so close I don’t have to be to be able to go.  That makes me happy.


Another thing on this trip that I saw was a curved escalator… I think this is my first time to see it!  Is it just me not being observant or this pretty rare?  It curved in almost a complete circle!  It was crazy!

 Oh!  This picture should remind some people of one of my previous pictures in Japan…

 More pictures, here.


Hope everyone is having a lovely Holiday season and Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and followers!

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2 thoughts on “Recent Happenings

  1. I like reading you blog. I’ve had a casual interest in Japanese culture for over a decade and this provides a nice insight.

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