Back to Work – Things I love Thursday

Back to work today after a three week break… I think my boss put it best when he said, “so… when is the next break?”

No, it wasn’t bad at all but wow did the 3 weeks fly by.  I didn’t get half the things I wanted to get done finished but I did do an exorbitant amount of fun things while spending time with good friends.  And if that’s not what a break is good for then I don’t know what good it is!

Here’s my vacation in quick snippets and pictures:

Met a boy and have started dating said boy.

Went to Osaka.  Got lost the first morning (despite living there, although I was trying to waste time until my friend woke up – arrived at 6am) and took pictures of birds on a bridge.

Met up with old roommate and…

…my favorite study / get-into-trouble together buddy.

Got haircut by my favorite hair stylist and good friend.

Saw my most favorite bartender.

Christmas at the Hilton

Homemade Eggnog that tasted like melted ice cream.

Came back to Tokyo and had a “New Japan Culture” day.  Weird Anime convention where people dressed up as famous characters (kimoi) and my first and probably last time to a maid cafe.

Exchanged presents with aforementioned boy.  He received a “Colorado Midwest” knit hat and a couple others things and…

I received a bonsai and a couple other things.

Experienced some “firsts.”  Climbed Mt. Takao to see the first sunrise of the new year from the top of a mountain (Hatsuhinode) while Mt. Fuji slowly appeared on the other side of the mountain (see above) and…

…had my first trip of the year to the temple to pray (Hatsumode).  Okay, I admit I did it twice.

Since then I have been enjoying my last few days of vacation with guest house friends before today’s first day of work.



I’ve decided to try and do a thing I’ve read on various blogs for awhile now which is, Things I Love Thursdays.

For this week these are the things I appreciate in my life:

  • The girl at Doutour Coffee.  After I moved house I started going to this coffee shop before work.  After a couple days, the girl working there would say “good morning” in a voice that I knew she recognized me (which is pretty rare in Japan as when they are working they are usually on robot mode).  Well, today, after a three week break, I walked in and she said, “Iced coffee?” (which I usually get).  She remembered! Yay!  Although today I decided on hot which prompted a comment about the weather from her.  For an American, it seems like such a little thing but being from a very different culture with a much different idea of social norms, it’s a hugely appreciated human interaction (especially from a stranger).
  • This picture made by my sister to include me in the snuggie Christmas action back in the States.

  • Christmas care packages from home chock full of American goodness
  • My new keitai strap.  A cute fuzzy white ball like the one I saw in this movie I watched the other day.  Movie wasn’t that great but that white ball sure made an impact!

  • Being back to work.  I know, it’s not what it seems.  I just don’t think my waistline, liver or wallet could take anymore vacation time!
  • Back in the saddle.  Saddle = my bike saddle.
  • Above mentioned boy’s shoes

  • My new guest house which provides me with a plethora of opportunities to speak Japanese.

What are you thankful for?


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4 thoughts on “Back to Work – Things I love Thursday

  1. I need to get back into doing things I love Thursday! Stopped when bub was born but should still try to do it- at least it would get me blogging AT LEAST once a week!

    Sounds like you had a lovely vacation- sorry I haven`t commented in ages. I was still reading though! Do you mean the doutour coffee shop in Kichijoji on the inokashira side of the station? I used to go there too if it is the same one- not every day though!!

    Glad you have a house guest you can speak Japanese with- my Japanese has gone down the tube recently and I find myself speaking to my husband in English more and more- although he still replies in japanese.

    • bemyduende on said:

      Laura – I`m right there with you and I didn`t even have a baby so don`t feel bad about falling behind! It seems it`s what I do best! But yeah I`ll try and keep up with once a week.

      My vacation was so good but so fast and not spent on preschool centered planning which I originally wanted to be spending it on…. oh well. The Doutour shop I`m talking about is at Musashi Sakai Eki… didn`t make it there this morning though… quite sleepy. But love Kichijoji! I just went to Shimokitazawa the other day and it`s very similar! Have you been there? Very fun. Would love to live closer to either of them as I live up on the Seibu Shinjuku line now.

      Yeah, my guest house is pretty much 95% people who can`t speak English and everyone hangs out so it`s really good. The guy I have recently started dating doesn`t speak English either so that`s also good practice! 😉 It`s hard to find the right balance of both languages… life long challenge it seems! Good luck!

  2. Um yeah, where can I get one of those Midwest Colorado hats for Nick? It’s so awesome!

    • bemyduende on said:

      I just found it at a clothing shop in Osaka although I`ve seen another one as well. They seem to like hats with state names on them. I`ll keep my eye out for one for Nick! 

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