Things I Love Thursday

  • This restaurant that my boy took me to last weekend.  It’s called The Farmers Kitchen [click the first link for English](農家の台所)and it was awesome.  Definitely is a place I’ll be taking my sister and her then husband(!) too as they are vegetarians. (Mom, add this to the list!)  I loved all the farmer profiles up around the restaurant as well as the farm feel to the Ebisu location.  The herb farmer is in my town too!  Woot!
  • The fact that I’m back to saving money and perfecting my cooking skills by making my bento every morning.
  • On the reverse side of that, I love eating out.  I think I’m an ok cook (aka can follow a recipe) but there’s nothing like having someone cook for you!  🙂  I love eating at all the different little places around Tokyo too.  Fun.
  • Shimokitazawa (下北沢).  This is an area in Tokyo.  Very similar to one of my favorite places, Kichijoji.  Lots of used clothing shops especially for 森女-forest girls, aka Northern European fashion – a fashion I will never be cool enough to wear.  This area also had a hookah bar which was fun.  Mint Chocolate!
  • Nabe parties at the house.
  • 湯たんぽ- hot water bottles but all japanized aka a hard inside instead of soft.
  • The fact that today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday! Woo~!  (Can I just copy and paste this one every week?)
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3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Really enjoying reading your TILT lists! I put mine up, albeit a couple of days late as the little munchkin hadn`t given me much free time! Although today he has been the perfect angel and at the moment is sitting in his bouncer at my feet while i use my feet to bounce him while he stares at me and we listen to the beatles and I comment on blogs!

    I enjoy eating out too- although might be limited to lunches out instead of dinners for awhile!!! I also enjoy cooking BUT time is scarce now so I am always on the look out for quick meals since hubs doesn`t get home til late I have to put Noah to bed before I can even think about trying to cook something. I think I am going to have to get better at doing the prep for dinner earlier in the day during one of his many naps (instead of using the net and watching tv, haha!) and then just cooking it all once he is in bed for the night. I am thinking meals I can put in a dish and then in the oven are going to be a lifesaver so if you know any good ones let me know! Stirfries are another easy one! Perhaps we should do a recipe exchange!!!

    Shimokitzawa is a great place!!! I haven`t been since been back in Japan though- will have to trek out that way again soon. Only been to Kichijoji twice since coming back as well- so sad 😦

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Alison on said:

    That restaurant looks pretty cool, excited!

  3. I just read that write-up on the Farmhouse Kitchen dude. Did you see that thing about how he used to be a porn executive? It’s actually a pretty cool story; he went from empowering porn stars to promoting veggies. Like it.

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