Has it really been like a month and a half since I last posted… sorry guys.  So long for my “weekly” Things I love Thursdays!

Anyhoo, I don`t have a reason but I do have an excuse!  🙂  Basically it`s the end of the semester or school year here in Japan so things such as art exhibitions, graduations, progress reports, etc are in full bloom (as well as the plum blossoms with cherry blossoms right around the corner- yay).  Anyhoo, this time next week I`ll be basking in the amount of free time I have so I promise some interesting posts.  But until then I thought I`d leave you with a funny picture.

My preschool looks like the school of hard knocks from this picture!  Haha!

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2 thoughts on “What?!

  1. Cute photo! Now the weather is warming up I am sure the kids are loving their outdoor play time!

    Where is your preschool again? I think I recognize that park!

    • bemyduende on said:

      Sorry for the late response. I`ve been having a hard spring time due to first time allergies and asthma?! Anyway, my preschool is near Musashi Sakai Station but you can see this park from the Chuo Sen.

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