My previous post…

…was posted about the day my cough started… And it still hasn`t stopped (cough variant asthma?).  Throw in the first time allergies that I`ve been suffering from and you get a not-so-fun spring 2010.  Because of this and the fact that I like to post pictures on my blogs and my computer is the equivalent of a T-Rex (aka=slow) then you get no blog updates!  Sorry y`all!

Anyhoo, my computer problem has been remedied in the fact that my boyfriend bought a new Mac and gave me his old one.  Woot!… still old though.  However, he`s sleeping now and I can`t figure out how to access the pictures through the USB cord so there will be no pictures.  Sorry y`all!

My energy level is much better than it was two months ago but I`m still in utter amazement that I have had symptoms for almost two months.  I`m someone who never gets sick! Never!  So I haven`t been the happiest camper in the guest house.

But I`ve gone to the doctor (about a thousand times) and I trust how they have handled it.  The medicine on the other hand seems to be the right strength for an infant…

But enough complaining….

Let`s turn this into a Things I Love Thursday (even though its Friday, its still, Thursday in America!)

  • I love cherry blossom season (even though its over now).  The hanami I went to wasn`t that great but the trees everywhere are always a delight.
  • The Valentine`s trip to Kusatsu with my boy.  I know, late.
  • Despite being sick, the abundance of vacation days I have had recently.
  • Fitting into smaller jeans than expected.
  • Feeling a bit better.
  • Signing up for the Japanese test and starting to study a bit more.  Aw me, I love studying!
  • Leaving Tokyo tomorrow for an all you-can-eat crab bus tour with probably a bunch of oldies.  But if you know me, I love oldies.
  • Getting out of Tokyo!
  • Seeing a jazz show last week (it had been awhile) and it was in Tanashi (my hood).  Oh tanoshi tanashi!
  • Buying my airplane ticket to my sister`s wedding which is just over 3 mths away!
  • And getting to stop off in LA to see Sarah on the way there.
  • Finding the perfect mother`s day present!

Well, that`s all she wrote folks.  Gotta reply to some emails and study some more.  Hope all the mom`s out there have a wonderful 母の日(Haha no Hi).

Happy Mother`s Day!

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