Take it Home!

You may not notice this when you`re walking down the streets of Tokyo but there is one big thing missing… or should I say many little things?  What you ask?  Well, just pop into a convenience store (conbini), grab a rice ball (onigiri) and a canned coffee (cohi) and head on outside.  Still don`t know?  Then sit down, take a rest and enjoy your little snack.  Afterwards, head for your nearest trash receptacle…. What`s that you say?  Oh right!  They DON`T HAVE trash cans in public in Tokyo and most likely most of the country as well! Unbelievable, right?! Especially for Tokyo, a city of 13 million people – burbs included, to not have trash cans brings imagines to mind of complete and utter chaos!  Granted in train stations, you probably will be able to find a recycling bin for your PET bottles or aluminium cans or if it happens to be your lucky day, you might run across an “other trash” bin but it`s unlucky.  How do they do it you ask?  To be honest, I`m not really sure considering the fact that a typical purchase entails shatter-proof wrapping and at least three bags – but that`s for another post.  Perhaps it is achieved with signs like the one below.

The sign reads: “Along with our memories, let`s take our trash home!”

Gotta love Japan.

Mt. Takao Cable Car Station Sign

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