Guest “home”

Like Sands Through The Hourglass, so are the… rotation of my housemates.  One of the first good traits you`ll hear about living in a guesthouse is that you are able to meet people from around the world and this IS true.  You get to know their culture, their food, their living style and maybe even a bit of their language.  But most of all, you get to know them, meaning these interesting and worldly people all become your friends.  You eat together, drink together, play together, learn together, cook together, study together, and generally do the things you would do with your family.  However, one of the less desirable traits of the guesthouse is that all these people are on a relatively short time limit AKA their visas` expire.  I`m no different but I have been fortunate enough to get a long visa with stable income while majority of the people around me are students, people on their working holidays or in-between moves/jobs, so the guest house is really just a bit of a layover.  You`re probably thinking, “So, what`s your point?”  What I`m trying to say is that these people are the reason I`m not searching for a tiny 4 tatami mat studio to live in.  Basically all these people are what makes this guesthouse a home.  While I look forward to each and every new housemate, I miss the people that have left.   But I`m not going to get too sentimental on you, afterall I can just send them a facebook message.

And heeeeeerrrrrrrre comes....Johnny?

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