Some days… Tuesdays

Another week, another Tuesday. Link up if you want!

Some days I look forward to work but most days I don’t want to go at all.

Some days I hate being at work but most days it’s not so bad once I get there.

Some days I’m perfectly content with my life where it is right this very moment but most days I want to change something.

Some days I want to be more girly but most days I want to play soccer and get sweaty!

Some days I feel very productive and get all the things on my list (and more!) done but most days I procrastinate them to another day or to eternity.

Some days I don’t have much of an appetite but most days I could eat more.

Some days I worry about earthquakes in Japan but most days I think about how much I enjoy my life here.

Some days I remember my dad vividly but most days he feels like a mirage.

Some days I plan really good things for my preschool children to do but most days I go to sleep unprepared.

Some days 24 hours is just too much but most days I long for just a little bit more time.

Some days I feel my age but most days I feel younger.

Some days I wish for more free time to be more crafty and creative but most days I spend my free time studying or just relaxing.

Some days I want more stuff but most days I want less stuff.

Here’s to Wednesday!


I linked up with Cherry Blossom Adventures.


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