Some days… Tuesdays

Another week, another Tuesday. Link up if you want!

Some days I’m too tired to study but most days I wish I could study all day.

Some days I don’t record my budget but most days I look forward to see how my finances are going.

Some days I don’t log-in to facebook… okay, that’s a lie.  Everyday I do! 😛

Some days I don’t feel like cooking but most days I make both my dinner and the next day’s bento.

Some days I make new recipes (which I love doing) but most days I stick to my regulars.

Some days I feel like a good teacher but most days I feel like I could be better.

Some days I freak out about the future but most days I feel fine about it.

Some days I wake up early and have plenty of time to relax before living the house, unfortunately most days I am rushing out of the house with no time to spare.

Some days I wish I would have become an accountant but most days I enjoy being a preschool teacher.


Here’s to Wednesday!

I linked up with Cherry Blossom Adventures.

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