Catching Up with My Wheel of Life

For catching up sake I am choosing to skip the family misson and head straight into my wheel of life.  I had trouble downloading the wheel of life that was provided on the Home Life Simplified Week Four Challenge so I decided just to draw it myself and take a picture.  So here what I came up with:

My Wheel of Life

Family / Friends         3

Growth / Hobbies        2

Mental Health /Spirituality      3

Nature                                                 2.5

Physical Health          4

Relationship            4

Volunteering / Community    1

Work / Finances       3.5

Family and Friends:  Living so far away from friends and family can often cause both to fall to the wayside (on both sides of the communication board).  Although, with family, I have recently been trying to make an concerted effort to keep in touch and still remain a part of their lives, I’m sad to say that with friends it often doesn’t go past facebook these days.  I would like to make more of an effort to remain a part of the lives’ of people I hold dear and make them feel as if I am near and hope that they feel the same way in return.

Growth and Hobbies: Last year I put a lot of good, hard work into many things but unfortunately many of these things were not the “little” things that I love to spend my free time doing.  The little things that make me, me.  They are hobbies and other things I like to do but aren’t essential to my everyday existence but they make me oh so happy.  Therefore, I would like to find more time for these types of activities, whether that means better time management (to make more time) or less of something else ( to free up some time) is something I need to look into.

Mental Health and Spirituality: I definitely haven’t been putting any effort into this category but luckily I have been enjoying my life and the people and things in it so it remains at a healthy level.  But I think that I can learn a lot about myself and become even healthier by putting some work into it as well.  That is why the number is relatively low and why I would like to make it higher.

Physical Health:  I’m pretty pleased with my physical health.  I eat fairly well, exercise almost everyday (via commute) and I am consciously trying to take care of myself.  Sure I could lose some body fat (there’s a goal right there!) but my weight is at an excellent number and I’m feeling good.

Relationship: This category is about my relationship with my boyfriend.  I am very pleased at how we have been going for the past two and a half years.  Sure we have our ups and downs but who doesn’t?  It’s difficult not sharing the same native tongue as your boyfriend but it actually helps to make sure you really talk about your problems or issues instead of having a screaming match. 🙂

Volunteering / Community: I wouldn’t say I was a 7 everyday hero but I did really enjoy being connected to my community when I lived in America.  I have done various types of volunteering as well as little things in my local community (helping out with a neighborhood list or even just knowing my neighbor’s names!).  I miss stuff like that.  Especially when you live in a huge city I think it’s important to try and reach out and localize yourself to your community.  Just need to learn some catch phrases in Japanese….

Work / Finances: This would have been a 4 about six months ago but recently I’ve gotten an itch.  This is not to say that I am not enjoying my work or am not doing well with my finances.  In fact, both are going great.  It’s just that I want more… I’m enjoying working hard and I want the people around me and company to be on board as well.

Nature: I needed to add this because I need/want to make this a priority in my life.  I remember growing up in the lovely State of Colorado and being surrounded by nature and it being an important part of my family’s life.  We camped a lot which I miss and hiking around in the mountains, are memories I cherish.  I SO want this to be part of me and my boyfriend’s life and our life together in the future.  It just takes a bit more effort and money here.

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